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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 6:14 AM

I made an art blog guys

There I'll be posting WIPs, progress pictures, finished pics that I don't want to post in my gallery, and other stuff. Right now there are only a few posts but they're mostly pictures of me practicing with the copic markers I got for Christmas.

I hope to post on that blog much more regularly than I'm posting here on my dA right now (not that that would be very difficult....) so YEAH ANYWAY IF YOU HAVE A TUMBLR PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT <3

Hello friends! / Drawing bucket list

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 3:42 PM

Hi all,

I know it's been a while, but I just want to thank everyone who has stopped by my profile over the past few months! I just realized this evening that I've only posted one deviation within the past year. It's kind of crazy. I've been really busy with schoolwork, college prep, and other personal things and I haven't drawn anything that I've felt is worthy of posting here in my dA gallery.

BUT, I really want to breathe some life back into this lil' gallery of mine! I want to set some goals for myself that will motivate me to keep coming back and keep drawing.

So, here are some things that I want to do:

:bulletblue: I want to create a new OC or a group of OCs to practice design and character development. Then maybe I can use them for roleplaying or for writing stories of my own!
:bulletblue: Someday, I want to create my own manga.
:bulletblue: Someday I want to create an inventory of works that's refined enough and diverse enough to stock a table at an anime convention.
:bulletblue: I want to create pieces of artwork with meaning, not just random poses of characters.
:bulletblue: I want to create enough new works to be able to gain some consistency in my style and begin taking commissions, maybe as soon as this summer.
:bulletblue: I want to get better with color theory to create pieces with a united color scheme.
:bulletblue: I want to take more risks with my artwork instead of just staying in my comfort zone. I want to practice more with using exciting color schemes, poses, facial expressions, and compositions.
:bulletblue: I want to get better at drawing backgrounds.
:bulletblue: I want to stop comparing myself to other artists and take more pride in my individual style and my individual improvements.
:bulletblue: I want to develop my own style of drawing characters and coloring so that it is unique.

I think what makes these goals so hard to achieve is because they are so abstract. Anyway, I think all artists are striving to improve all the time! If you have any experiences struggling to achieve these same goals, I'd love to talk with you :') It's been a long time since I've been on dA and I wanna meet some new people!

Anyway, thanks for reading :heart:

P.S. I am SO happy that I'm not "Miss-Amane" anymore xD Oh god. Middle school. *shudders*

On the 29th, it will be Kai's 1-year anniversary! I can hardly believe it!!

I know I haven't given him enough attention lately, so in celebration of this event I had him sing a cover of Jin's popular song Imagination Forest!

Check it out here:

Thank you to everybody who has left kind comments on Kai's pictures and videos. I really appreciate it!!
I've been super inactive all school year because of my AP US History class...I haven't finished any pictures for months ;w; It's really sad when I think about it...

BUT NO MORE OF THAT. I took the final exam today, so we shouldn't have any more work in that class....I can just...RELAX. There. I said it. I CAN RELAX. It's an unfamiliar concept...but I'm sure I'll adjust quickly. :iconimhappynodplz:

So that's all I wanted to say. Just...hello, I'm still alive, and I'll probably be posting some pictures in the relatively near future~

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Thank you so much to all of who who have continued to fave my artwork even during my absence...I love you for that
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It's been a while, huh?
I've been lurking, but I haven't really posted anything in a long time. I blame schoolwork...

But anyway, I hope everybody's having a wonderful holiday! :)

So, getting to the point of why I wrote this journal entry in the first place...

I'm thinking about opening up for commissions.

I really need some money, and I think that drawing would be a nice way to earn some for myself.

Is anybody interested? If somebody even so much as expresses interest in commissioning me, I'm sure I would be ecstatic and I'd open them up in a heartbeat!

Please post a comment or send me a note if you're interested :iconamyroseplz:

:star: Also, I have a bunch of art prints left over from the Summer Matsuri!! If you're interested in a Miku: Crow's Twilight print or a Kai Kashine print, I'd be ready and willing to sell them for $7 a piece!
Miku Hatsune: Crows' Twilight by pockypaint UTAUloid: Kai Kashine by pockypaint
:star:And an image of Naruko, which I'll post a link to soon!:star:

I also have buttons of the following designs:

Kuroshitsuji Hired Help Button by pockypaint FFXIII - Hope Chibi by pockypaint FFXIII - Serah Chibi by pockypaint Miku Hatsune Button by pockypaint
:star: And an exclusive design of Misa Amane which I haven't posted on dA!:star:

Buttons will be sold at $3.50 a piece. All payments can be made through PayPal! Send me a note/comment if you're interested!! ^^
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:star: The kiriban has been caught! Not by one, but by TWO dA users!!
Congratulations to :iconwhitetiger9000: and :iconph0bus: !!!

And a big thank you to everybody who has ever visited my page, commented, +fav'd, or watched me. You guys keep me going! Thanks again!!


I also have another announcement! I'll be making an appearance at Another Anime Convention's Summer Matsuri in the Artist's Alley! The convention is on August 27th in Manchester, NH. The website can be found here:

It will be my Artist's Alley debut! I'm stoked! Let me know if you're planning on attending, I'd love to see you there! :D


On a completely different subject, I just got back from Drum Major Academy yesterday afternoon. What an amazing, life-changing experience! I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to all of my fellow marching band geeks out there <3 Woo!
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Okay all, so now it's summer vacation and I need to find some motivation to keep practicing drawing. SO, I've decided to set a kiriban for...

10,000 pageviews!!

The winner will recieve 1 halfbody colored character of their choice!!

I'm working on a lot of new techniques in SAI, so it will probably be a more painterly style. ^^

Thanks for your continued support :'D

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10 things about me:

1. I'm studying Japanese on my own, every day. (All Japanese All the Time!)
2. I'm probably the biggest band geek imaginable. :]
3. I can play alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, and flute.
4. Visual Kei is my guilty pleasure. xD
5. I'm a huge fan of anything and anything Square Enix. (Final Fantasy? Kuroshitsuji? TWEWY? Bring it on!)
6. I draw a loooot more pictures than I actually post to deviantART.
7. 'Cuz I'm a huuuge perfectionist.
8. I'm a daydreamer, big time. I love thinking about random stuff that other people usually don't care about. I love philosophy.
9. Learning about differences between people and culture fascinates me. I love to figure people out.
10. I'm taking commissions :'D //SHOT

I don't really feel like tagging people, so you got lucky this time :'D


I can't wait till the end of the school year! My studies are really weighing me down. I know I haven't been posting much to dA...I've been experimenting with different styles and mediums. I actually bought a set of watercolors a month or so ago and I've been messing around with them. I'm pretty bad at them though, since I'm not used to not having a CTRL+Z key. I'm really roughin' it now, you feel my pain? haha...//shot -_-;;

I've been trying digital painting lately too. It looks awesome so far, but the problem is that I'm never patient enough to finish a piece xD When it takes me upwards of 10 hours to do a picture of two people standing there, it gets pretty old pretty fast. I've been trying to draw more pictures with meaning, as well; interesting expressions, poses, deeper meanings and stuff like that. My next piece is entitled 'Superficiality', and I'm really excited to see how it comes out :D

And for something else completely random, I recently watched the first season of Bakuman! I love it so much. If you haven't heard of it, it's an anime about two guys who are working together to be manga artists. They're my age, and all of their hard work and dedication is so inspiring! I don't care that they're anime characters, I still want to be like them xD I bought an Azuki cell phone charm the other day. So cute *w*

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi guys, I'm not dead yet! As always, every comment/fave/view is greatly appreciated. Thank you! ^^
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Hey guys,
This journal is old and out of date. I'm not currently taking commissions because I'm doing some experimental stuff and I want to have the freedom to try new things. But, if you're interested in a request or an art trade, I might be inclined to give it a go (as long as you don't mind my slowness / experimentation!) ^^ So just post a comment or send me a note if you're interested. Thanks!

Hi everyone!
I've been finding more and more time to draw, and I'd really love to take commissions if you're interested ^^



Regular Style (first = most recent):…………
Sorry I don't have many recent examples! I'll try to update soon ^^

Do's and Don'ts:
:bulletred: I don't draw nudity.
:bulletred: I don't draw furries or mechas.
:bulletred: I don't draw graphic yaoi/yuri/het images.
:bulletred: I don't draw detailed backgrounds.
:bulletgreen: I will draw OC's, fan art, and avatars that look like OC's.
:bulletgreen: I will draw lighthearted yaoi/yuri/het content.
:bulletgreen: I will draw anything else that I am comfortable with drawing. If I'm not, I'll let you know.


All of my artwork is digitally colored. I will e-mail you the highest-resolution image I have available, with no obnoxious watermarks (possibly a small signature that is not in the way of the image).

:bulletpink: Chibi - $7 (additional characters +$5 each)
This includes a simple background similar to that of any of the chibi samples.

:bulletblue: Colored halfbody - $15 (additional characters +$10 each)
This includes a simple background.

:bulletgreen: Colored fullbody - $25 (additional characters +$20 each)
This includes a simple background.

All prices are in USD.

Due to time constraints, I can't offer detailed backgrounds right now ;_; Sorry.

:star: Payment is accepted through PayPal. Once I receive your payment, I'll get to work on your art. Please understand that I'm a busy person and it may take a week or two to finish your commission (if you need it by a certain date, let me know and I'll see what I can do!). Once your artwork is finished, I'll e-mail it to you, watermark-free. :)


Thank you so much for your continued support :heart: If you're interested in a commission or have any questions, please send me a note!
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Here a llama, there a llama, and another little llama.
Fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, llama, DUCK.


Give a llama, get a llama <3
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I was planning on changing my avatar to a mudkip. But they beat me to it and changed it to something different. Lame-o.

Anybody have any interesting April Fools Day stories?
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After months of waiting, the day is almost here...

...meaning that I might not come online for a few days, except to rant about the awesomeness that is sure to be.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I hereby banish thee!
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Haha so while I was on vacation I bought the first volume of Kuroshitsuji (it's about time it came out in English) and now I'm psyched about it all of a sudden xD Fanart may be coming your way, too. Anyway, take a look if you're interested in the series :)

†Kuroshitsuji Meme†

Ciel Phantomhive
[ ] - You have experienced quite a bit of sadness in your childhood.
[ ] - You are allergic to cats.
[ ] - You tend to get very angry when insulted.
[x] - You are technically a child, but act older than you are.
[x] - You usually seem placid to others, and may come off a bit snobby or rude. (I don't mean to, I swear D; I don't know what to say during an awkward silence so I just...don't.)
[x] - You enjoy elegance.
[ ] - Many people are around you to protect you.
[ ] - You tend to hang around in the shadows more than others, and do your deeds- be they good or bad- from there.
[ ] - You have a lot of hatred for others. You might want revenge, too.
[ ] - You love someone greatly, and want to protect them.


Sebastian Michaelis
[ ] - You love cats. Dogs are disgusting.
[ ] - You are exceptionally loyal to your friends—or, maybe more so one person than many.
[ ] - You could be described as tall, dark, and handsome.
[x] - You're a bit of a loner in a way; the affairs of humans don't necessarily interest you.
[ ] - You aren't interested in love or sexuality.
[ ] - People of both sexes tend to flock around you romantically. You just cant get a break, can you?
[x] - You never lie to that special person.
[x] - Failure is not an option in your mind.
[x] - You like things perfect and elegant. No one seems to do it like in the good old days.
[ ] - You can put up an excellent façade and hide what you truly are, and your thoughts and emotions. You are one hell of a butler, after all.

Grell Sutcliff
[ ] - Your favorite color is red.
[ ] - You tend to be incredibly flamboyant, cheery, and insane.
[ ] - You aren't really bothered by blood or death. In fact, you might just laugh. You're probably the cause of it, anyways.
[ ] - Whether you're heterosexual with homosexual tendencies, or homosexual with heterosexual tendencies, no one can really tell.
[x] - You like fashion, poetry, and mainstream cute things.
[x] - You like someone, but they don't feel the same way, for some reason or another. But that doesn't get you down! …Often.
[x] - You're a hopeless romantic!~ (Bahaha. Sometimes.)
[x] - You're happy with who you are, and wont change, no matter what anyone says.
[ ] - There's nothing shameful in crossdressing, as long as you look good! (Umm...I don't mind girls dressing as guys for cosplay, but guys dressing as girls?...that's different.)
[ ] - There's nothing you won't do for a kiss from your one true love… with tongue.


[ ] - You love dogs so much, you practically are one!
[ ] - You aren't embarrassed about being naked in front of others, but you do look good in a nice suit!
[x] - You're attracted to someone, or multiple someones.
[ ] - You're usually a really great people person, all around.
[x] - You're kind of oblivious.
[ ] - You have a really big secret, but it doesn't weigh you down.
[ ] - You tend to be the fanservice in your group.
[ ] - You are insane, to sum it up.
[ ] - You tend to bark for no reason.
[ ] - You'd love to breathe fire, or you can already.


Elizabeth Middleford
[ ] – You love someone a lot, and are sure they love you back, but you feel hurt because they don't always show it.
[ ] – You like making everything cute, from your clothes to your mansion!
[x] – You'd do anything to make the person you love happy.
[x] – You tend to worry a lot about people you care about.
[ ] – You are almost always upbeat, cheery, happy, hyper, and loving.
[x] – You're determined to make him smile.
[x] – You like sweet things and cute things.
[x] – You're good at your studies.
[ ] – You love parties.
[x] – You tend to be the innocent, childish, oblivious one.


Drocell Kains
[x] – You tend to be used by others, and walked all over. (um sometimes but nothing really serious I guess.)
[ ] – You don't seem to mind being used.
[x] – You conform to your crowd, possibly to gain popularity or status.
[ ] – You often could be characterized as the puppet.
[ ] – You like dolls.
[ ] – You like music boxes. (actually, I find them quite creepy XD)
[x] – You hide your emotions, feelings, and desires for reasons unknown.
[ ] – For some unknown reason, you're very loyal to a specific person, as if they created you.
[ ] – People can describe you as distant and disconnected, even anti social. (It depends on the day. *shrug* I'd like your opinion on this one...)
[x] – You don't make friends easily.


[x] – You don't like unclean things.
[ ] – You have a bit of a split personality.
[ ] – You sometimes lie and manipulate in order to get your way.
[ ] – You're "transsexual".
[ ] – You could be described as a bitch sometimes.
[ ] – People have no reason to trust you.
[x] – You have a goal, and wont stop until you succeed.
[ ] – People are disposable to you.
[x] – You can be angelic.
[x] – People tend to follow you; you have charisma. (In school projects! 8D I will force them to if they don't...or end up doing all the work myself -_-;)


Prince Soma
[ ] – You are selfish/childish often, but are really working to improve yourself.
[ ] – You can be self-centered or spoilt.
[ ] – You love someone, but they will never love you back.
[ ] – You have one good friend, and you trust them with all you've got.
[ ] – You love curry, any kind will do.
[ ] – You tend to be flamboyant and peppy, and a bit of a princely character.
[ ] – You can be very religious.
[x] – When it comes to someone important to you, you'll stop at nothing to help them.
[ ] – You have great style and flair.
[x] – You're good with making people follow you.


1.Ciel Phantomhive (3/10)
2.Sebastian Michaelis (4/10)
3.Grell Sutcliff (4/10)
4.Pluto (2/10)
5.Elizabeth Middleford (6/10)
6.Drocell Kains (4/10)
7. Angela/Ash (4/10)
8.Prince Soma (2/10)

I guess I'm like Elizabeth! Haha, I never figured it'd end up like this xD

Anyway, if anybody else takes it, let me know~ 8D


Oh yeah, and vacation was a lot of fun. :) My cousin showed me this great SasuNaru fanfic called Chasing Naruto that I need to finish now... It's funny that I'm reading it since I haven't watched Naruto in such a long time xD It's really good anyway.

And I also bought another manga called Croquis. It's the first yaoi I've actually added to my collection and I'm curious to know if anybody else has read it before or has any other good recommendations! I think I'm going to read this other manga my cousin told me about called Suteneko no karute next :D
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  • Watching: OHSHC bloopers by the English voice actors! xD
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It's been a while, huh?

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm visiting family through Saturday, will be back on Sunday.

Also wondering if my watchers would punch me if I keep adding chibis to my gallery...

Has anybody else pre-ordered FFXIII yet? :)

Oh yeah, and I have almost 3,000 deviations in my inbox right now. =.=;


And so ends my unbelievably long update.
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Just a quick update to say that I'll be gone through Sunday. :) I'm heading to Burlington, VT to celebrate First Night with my cousins. I don't know whether or not I'll get a chance to check messages (who knows, I may be able to) but just in case I figured I'd let you all know x3

I'm also working on a new ID (for real this time!) and I started reading an amazing manga called Kaichou wa Maid-sama! a.k.a. Maid-Sama! in the English version. :D It's a hilarious romantic comedy and even though it sounds like it's full of a bunch of Mary-Sues because 'maid' is in the title, trust me, the main character is one of the most unique characters I've read about :D Anyway, it's awesome, so GO READ IT NOWW.…

You know you want to...
  • Reading: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! &lt;3
  • Watching: Clannad
  • Playing: FFVII :3
[Christmas Eve] Currently sitting on the computer, preparing for guests, and eating mushroom-flavored instant ramen with chopsticks, all the while counting down the hours till Christmas :)

Here's hoping everybody has a great holiday.

So what did you all wish for for Christmas?
I wished for world peace (ahaha). And a PS3 so I can buy Final Fantasy XIII when it comes out on March 9th (I've been counting down the days till its release!). I found some game-shaped presents under the tree that were shorter than DVDs or Wii games and I literally looked up the dimensions of PS3 games on the internet to confirm my suspicions...

I think I'll be going to Burlington, VT to visit family over the New Year. I'll get to spend some time with my cousins and spend some birthday money on all sorts of manga and games and other stuff. :) (I turned 14 on the 14th of December. :o) How's everybody else spending their holiday? ^^


I hope you all got what you wanted! xD I know I did.

I got -

A PS3!!!!!
And Soulcalibur IV!
Too bad when I opened the case there was no game inside. Cuz someone freaking stole it. could be worse, I guess. As soon as we hook up the PS3 I'm totally buying FFVII.~

I also got a new iPod!! I think it's a 3rd gen nano? I dunno. But it's shiny and pink and I've already bought two Square Enix games for it with my iTunes gift card. Then I ripped my new Bleach DVD onto my iPod, too. It's so cool it actually does more than play music!~ (used to have a 1st gen nano, so this is all pretty new to me. xD)

I also got a t-shirt from that says 'OMG PWNIES!' on it with two My Little Pony-type-ponies with game controls on them xD You have no idea how long I've wanted this shirt.

I got all sorts of other stuff too, like the book Drawing Comics by Scott McCloud, an Abercrombie sweatshirt, Ugg-style slipper shoes <3, a necklace, and Hello Kitty pajamas. xD I'm really happy with everything I got, and I hope your Christmases were just as great!! :D
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2009, 10:41 AM

Okay, first let me say that KidsWatch stopped blocking all of your deviations and journals as spontaneously as it started. :shrug: Works for me. ;) I should not have said ANYTHING. Well, the freedom was nice while it lasted...

Sorry I haven't posted any original pictures lately. I spend the little drawing time I have filling art orders to make some gold on Gaia. xD I promise I'll do something really detailed (and colored!) soon, maybe two somethings: one to submit to an art contest at my school, and one to submit to an art magazine at my school. The theme for the contest this year is "Beauty is..." and I need some inspiration. Any ideas? ^^

Also, the 4,444 kiriban I set a while back passed without anybody sending me a note saying they caught it, which is good since I was planning on canceling it anyway. xD I just haven't got the time. Sorry everyone!

Again, I haven't been able to look at all of your journals or deviations because of time issues. If there's something you really want me to see, send me a comment, because I almost always have the time to reply to those. ^^ I really do want to see what everybody's been up to, so don't be shy!~

But I might not have the time to reply to them all this weekend just because I have a MASSIVE French project to work on - a comic book that's due on Monday. It needs to have at least 20 frames, and I only have seven sketched out, let alone inked. My goal is to have three pages inked along with a title page ready for Monday. So yeah... I'm screwed.

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  • Watching: I'm also reading Yotsuba&amp;! It's very funny. xD
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  • Eating: a Kashi chewy bar
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I'm old enough to NOT need any freaking monitoring software on my computer.
F***ing child locks.

So yeah, I just wanted to say that I'm pretty much trapped in a corner on dA right now. The child lock program decided to spontaneously lock dA for no reason whatsoever. So my parents unlocked deviantart .com ... not like that helped. KidsWatch registers every username .deviantart .com as a different website, so pretty much anybody else's pages are blocked to me right now. The only ones I can see are miss-amane and my to check my messages. If I want to see anybody else's journals, deviations, anything... my parents have to manually unblock every single one of your usernames. Aaaand they won't be too happy.

Let's just see what happens.
It's been a month since my last journal entry, so it's time for some updates! Wooo~

If this will get you interested, my journal will include the epic adventures of my first 'boyfriend', hot German exchange students, and my most epic series of epic fails to date.


So yes, I have officially had my first boyfriend. In case you don't remember me ranting about him from my previous journals, it was my friend Ryan. Yeah, I say friend for a couple reasons. Anyway, long story short, it only lasted two days. How sad is that? It was mostly because we know each other so well that it was weird to try to bring it any further than that, y'know? We always give each other a hard time; that's just the kind of friendship we have, I guess. To be honest, I'm glad it's over because now I don't have to feel awkward around him and we can just be friends.

And now I don't have to feel bad about liking other people.

Which brings me to my next point.

HOT GERMAN EXCHANGE STUDENTS! I officially love Germany. Seriously.
My friend Andrew, who plays tenor sax with me in the band, is hosting this one exchange student named Martin. Which means I get to see him all the time. :D It's kind of sad how me and my friends are all obsessing over him along with all of the other German guys. There are a few interesting and embarrassing stories to go along with this, but I don't have time to type 'em out. I'll post them in an update if you want.

Aaaand to the last story I promised. The story of :iconfailsignplz:.

Ok, so the entire marching band is sitting in the stands and we're just sitting down after the halftime show. I'm messing with my music, yadda yadda, when I drop my lyre (… , holds the music onto a saxophone) through the bleachers. How dumb.

So Andrew stands up as soon as I told him and he goes under the bleachers to find it for me (way nicer than I deserve!). He was looking all through third quarter and some of fourth and he couldn't find it. So while he was looking, I was looking down at him through the bleachers, past the bell of my saxophone.

Guess where my lyre was.


The entire time. How pathetic.

But that's not the end of my story.

So I call Andrew back up and I'm fixing my music again, yadda yadda...



Yeah, he made me go find it myself this time.

I can't even describe my stupidity sometimes.

Anyway, to keep my update relatively short so y'all don't get completely bored with my ramblings, I'll stop for now. But if anything else interesting happens, I'll be sure to post it here.~ xD
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Tagged by :iconshadowsniffer:


1: Pick a few of your characters, 5 at the most.
2: Ask them these questions.
3: Tag 5 people.

I'll use my three main characters from Boys 101: Mei, Kumori, and Yuuko.

1: Who/What are you?
Mei: I am the cutest girl in school! *flashes a peace sign*
Kumori: Umm... I'm a hard-working student, I think... O-oh! I didn't mean to brag or anything...
Yuuko: I'm me. *sigh*

2: Shut up.
Mei: Excuse me! You'd better learn some manners!
Kumori: Oh! I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bother you...
Yuuko: Why don't you shut up, you :censored:.
Kumori: Uh, Yuu-chan...?
Yuuko: What?

3: How old are you?
Mei: I may look young, but I'm actually in college. Wanna go on a date?
Kumori: S-stop lying, Mei-chan. We're all in 7th grade...
Yuuko: Old enough to beat you up.

Mei: *tackles the nearest cute boy*
Kumori: Uh, I guess...?
Yuuko: Get away from me, creep.

5: Got any bad habits?
Mei: *ponders* ... *starts talking to a random boy who walked past*
Kumori: Er... Mei? Shouldn't you be paying attention to the quiz...?
Yuuko: Mei has ADHD, Kumori is too quiet for her own good, and -
Mei: *started paying attention when her name was mentioned* You're just jealous you can't get the guys!
Yuuko: Pssh.
Kumori: P-please stop fighting...

6: Boy or Girl?
Mei: *strikes a pose* Do you really need to ask? *does a runway walk*
Kumori: A girl...
Yuuko: I don't believe in the assumptions made because of what gender you are.
Yuuko: Mei...!

7: Brothers or sisters?
Mei: I have an older sister in college who majors in fashion design. We get along so well!
Kumori: I've got two little brothers... they're twins and still babies. I take care of them all the time. :heart:
Yuuko: Only child.

8: Are you a virgin?
All three: o___o
Mei: W-well, I...
Kumori: *faints*
Yuuko: W-what's it to ya?!

9: Any kids?
Mei: I'd like to have kids in the future!
Kumori: N-no, but maybe later on in life with the man I love...
Yuuko: I don't believe in parenthood...
Mei: What are you talking about? What about your parents, you goofball?
Yuuko: Don't ever say 'goofball' again.
Kumori: ...

10: Ever killed anyone?
Mei: War is not the answer!
Kumori: I-I don't believe in violence.
Yuuko: Only in video games... What, you don't believe me?

11: Hate anyone?
Mei: Ugly men.
Kumori: O-of course not...
Yuuko: Stupid people.

12: Do you love anyone?
Mei: :iconinloveplz: Let's see -
Yuuko: Don't you dare get her started.
Kumori: W-what about my turn...?

13: What's your job?
Mei: Aspiring model.
Kumori: None yet, b-but I like to read and write... I might be a writer someday...
Yuuko: I hate following orders.

14: What do you do to relax?
Mei: Watch romantic comedy animes on TV. <3
Kumori: I love to read...
Yuuko: Logic puzzles and RPGs.

15: What do you do if someone teases you?
Mei: Why would anybody tease me?
Kumori: W-well, I... :iconcrycryplz:
Yuuko: I have a pretty good command of the English language...

16: What are your powers?
Mei: Power of beauty and love <3
Kumori: I d-don't think that's what the question meant, Mei-chan...
Yuuko: Logic. That's all a person ever needs... but a bit of muscle power never hurt. Well, hurt me, anyway.

17: Sexuality?
Mei: Straight. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to hug all these cute boys! :heart:
Kumori: S-straight...
Yuuko: Straight, but haven't been able to find anybody who's right for me yet.

18: What's your favorite thing about sex?
Mei: Er...
Kumori: *faints again*
Yuuko: Ugh, stop asking all these sick questions!

19: Best thing about your lover?
Mei: I haven't chosen my favorite yet.
Yuuko: Mei, you're such a -
Yuuko: *laughs*
Kumori: *trying to ignore the endless fighting* I'm waiting for the perfect guy to come along...

20: What's your worst trait?
Mei: I get really bad bed-head.
Kumori: I-I have a hard time getting people to listen to me...
Yuuko: Some people say I'm a smart alec. Psh, they're just jealous.

21: Best trait?
Mei: Well, I'm cute and popular and a natural leader...
Kumori: Um, one time somebody compared me to little doll...
Yuuko: *smirk* I make people feel inferior.

22: So, what now?
Mei: ...and I have a great sense of fashion and I -
Kumori: *takes out a book*

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Hope ya enjoyed learning a bit more about the cast of Boys 101!~
In case you were wondering why it's taking me so long to post the next few pages, it's because I don't like how they're coming out and I want to re-do them. I've never done storyboards before. Probably a pretty bad habit, huh...?


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Anyway, I thought of asking you this just because my grandma sent up the first six mangas or something for me the other day, and I thought it was kind of amusing. Once you get past the many cliches, though, it's not TOO too bad, actually...
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